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January 2021 – MSTF Classroom Grant Winners

Congratulations to Julie Scantlin (Raymondville RVIII), Kathy Hann (Jeff Co Region), and Shana Oliver (Green Ridge R8) for winning $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation, awarded January 2021!

Julie Scantlin: “I would use the grant money to purchase headphones and snacks.  My students need headphones for use with their tablets and I have several students who do not have headphones, so I would like to purchase headphones for my students.  I also have snack time each day and have students who do not bring anything to class.  So I would like to have a stock pile of snacks for the class.  Thanks for the opportunity.”

Kathy Hann: “I am applying for a classroom grant for recorders for students who cannot afford their classroom materials.  Students in third through fifth grades use a musical instrument called a recorder, a pre-band instrument, to learn music note-reading skills.  For health and sanitary reasons, each child must have their own.  Nearly 50 percent of my at-risk school population receives free and/or reduced lunch services; many families cannot afford $5 for a recorder for music classroom supplies.  Additionally, for COVID safety protocols, music performance masks and instrument masks will need to be utilized for each student and instrument, adding to the cost of much needed personal protective equipment and classroom supplies. The gift of a recorder will be used for multiple years during school music class instruction and given to any child who cannot afford one so that they can have the same opportunity to learn.   The classroom grant will help offer students the opportunity to participate and learn music by playing their recorders with their classmates to prepare for secondary music experiences; however, the impact of having equal opportunities for all learners will last a lifetime.”

Shana Oliver: “I would use the $100 to buy flexible seating options for my classroom. Many of my students get very antsy when they have to sit down to do any kind of work. Flexible seating would give them the ability to perform better by giving them options of ways to work and move.”

Congratulations again, Julie, Kathy, and Shana!

You can apply here for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant!

December 2020 – MSTF Classroom Grant Winners

Congratulations to Ulrike Hayes from Kearney R-I, Robin Ridlon from Arcadia Valley R-II, and Beth Meyers from Davis R-XII, and  for winning $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation, awarded December 2020!

Ulrike Hayes: “ASB Classroom is a virtual online tutorial and video lessons for the broadcast classroom.  The new program is developed by a Springfield Mo teacher.  With possible virtual class in the future this online tutorial will provided resources for students at home and in the classroom.  Virtual class was a struggle for my broadcasting class and with this option I can help them find additional resources that work in conjunction with the in-class work.  For years I have used the resources offered by ASB and have found them useful for my age group.  These are real-life activities and resources from a real teacher of the broadcasting classroom.”

Robin Ridlon: “Reading, just what every child loves! Well, not every child unfortunately. However, many children on or above grade level finish work earlier and are always digging for a good book to read. I would love the opportunity to challenge my students who love reading with chapter book series that they will enjoy and crave reading when they are finished with their “must do” work. Chapter books are a big deal to second grade students. Almost a “rite of passage”. Library access isn’t always available, so adding some new titles to our classroom library will motivate those readers to continue their love for learning, while I am working with readers who have YET to catch the reading bug. Chapter books like ‘Junie B. Jones’ and the ‘Dogman” series are popular hits amount 7 and 8 year olds. I would love to surprise them with the new addition to our book totes!”

Beth Meyers: “I would use the money to purchase Kore Wobble Stools for my first and second grade classroom.  With Covid-19 protocols, my students will not have the freedom to move throughout the classroom as they have had in the past.  Sitting in a standard chair for prolonged periods of time is very difficult for 6-8 year olds.  I already have 2 exercise balls and 3 wobble stools that provide students movement opportunities.  I would like to provide more wiggly kids with movement opportunities.”

Congratulations again, Ulrike, Robin, and Beth!

You can apply here for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant!

MSTF Classroom Grant Winners

Congratulations to Amy Diamond from Jackson R-2 and Emily Lanpher from Cape Girardeau 63 for winning April’s $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

Amy Diamond: “We need a variety of play-doh tools that allow our students to strengthen their fine motor skills.  Fine motor strength is crucial to handwriting and executive functioning skills later in life.   We need tools that encourage students to roll, cut, press, and squeeze.  We have been encountering a significant decline in fine motor strength and skills with incoming students and would like to ensure that we are building a solid foundation for later learning.”

Emily Lanpher: “With this one-hundred dollar grant, I will purchase a new weight measurement machine.  The current one that we use on a daily basis is being held up by tape.  Vital signs and anthropometric measurements are a part of my curriculum.  This money would be used to help conduct my project-based learning activities and would give my students the hands on experience they need.”

Congratulations again, Amy and Emily!

You can apply here for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant!

Classroom Grant helps MO Teacher purchase new software

Tammy Lane shows how mini-grant helpsThe MSTF Classroom Grants provide funding to assist teachers in positively impacting student success in the classroom. Each month two winners are randomly drawn from submitted applications for a $100 grant!

All current MSTA members are eligible to enter this drawing, and you only need to apply once to be eligible for the entire year.

MSTA Member Tammy Lane shares her excitement after receiving a MSTF Classroom Grant:

“I have purchased a computer program to supplement language skills in my curriculum. Here are my students using the new program, and they love it as much as I do. Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner in December!” 

Paparazzi Accessories helps MSTF pilot a new fundraiser

Paparazzi Accessories provides lead-free and nickel free accessories for $5 per piece. Please consider reaching out to these Paparazzi distributors that fundraised $250 or more for MSTF in our pilot program that is raising donations that will support the Missouri State Teachers Association’s Future Teachers of America and New Professionals programs as well as the rest of MSTF’s funding priorities.

Click here to learn more or to join this group in supporting Missouri educators.

St. Francois County
Beth Ogden
Beth’s store link

MSTF Fundraiser at MSTA Leadership Symposium Raises over $1,000

Shown left to right: Maggie Stiegman, Leigh Chapman

The Missouri State Teachers Foundation Board of Directors held a fundraiser at the Missouri State Teachers Association Leadership Symposium on July 18, 2016 at Tan-Tar-a, Lake Ozark. Members attending the Leadership event donated to the Foundation to take a chance on winning over $500 worth of prizes on the board and to learn more about what the Foundation provided in services. The fundraiser generated a lot of buzz in the hall and was fun for those playing! The Board raised over $1,000 for the Foundation, which will help go towards future goals and support current programs. We thank everyone who participated and donated to the Foundation!

MSTF Brings HOPE to Augusta, Elementary

Thanks to the generous support of MSTF’s donors, the Missouri State Teachers Foundation was able to help educators at Augusta Elementary recover from a fire that destroyed their Library earlier that year through the HOPE Initiative. Teachers shared stories of how despite the fire being contained to the Library section of the school, smoke damage affected every part of the building. The HOPE Initiative was designed to help educators replace items they had personally purchased for teaching that were ruined in a disaster. MSTF was able to provide funds to help 13 educators in Augusta.

No one knows when a disaster will strike.  The Missouri State Teachers Foundation depends on generous gifts from donors to make sure we are ready to step in and help teachers recover when a disaster affects their school community.  Please consider making a fully tax-deductible gift to the Missouri State Teachers Foundation and help bring HOPE to a teacher in need.  Click here to donate to MSTF.

MSTF Announces Grant Awardees

MSTF Board of Directors announced the awardees of the grants. Brenna Staats, Mt. Vernon School District, was awarded a $1,000 grant for her project “What I Need (WIN).” Christy Lockard, Sheldon R-VII School District, was also awarded a $1,000 grant for her project “Dave Ramsey Foundations Curriculum.” In April of 2015 the Board also awarded the Kent King Scholarships to S-MSTA members across the state. The scholarship awardees were Sara Meskis (University of Missouri Columbia), Anna Pageler (Evangel), Rhianon Brown (Drury Unversity), and Krista Crockett (College of the Ozarks). Each member will receive a $500 check to use as needed to offset the cost of living during the student teaching semester.

MSTF Supports Prairie Home After Storm Damage

The MSTF Board of Directors issued monies from the HOPE fund to the Prairie Home school district following storm damage to the school. The Board also discussed ideas on how to begin a donor-matching program so that MSTA members can donate items that need to be replaced due to damage. The Board discussed plans on creating an online application of need to make the application and approval of funds easier and faster to distribute.