MSTF Classroom Grant Winners

Congratulations to Amy Diamond from Jackson R-2 and Emily Lanpher from Cape Girardeau 63 for winning April’s $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

Amy Diamond: “We need a variety of play-doh tools that allow our students to strengthen their fine motor skills.  Fine motor strength is crucial to handwriting and executive functioning skills later in life.   We need tools that encourage students to roll, cut, press, and squeeze.  We have been encountering a significant decline in fine motor strength and skills with incoming students and would like to ensure that we are building a solid foundation for later learning.”

Emily Lanpher: “With this one-hundred dollar grant, I will purchase a new weight measurement machine.  The current one that we use on a daily basis is being held up by tape.  Vital signs and anthropometric measurements are a part of my curriculum.  This money would be used to help conduct my project-based learning activities and would give my students the hands on experience they need.”

Congratulations again, Amy and Emily!

You can apply here for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant!