March 2021 – MSTF Classroom Grant Winners

Congratulations to Natalie Vance  (MSC Keri Cottrell), Melissa Sanders (MSC Charles Brooks) and Kelly Sloan (MSC Shaelynn Nordwald) for winning $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation, awarded March 2021!

Natalie Vance: ” I teach in a functional special education classroom. This money would be used to be able to go out in the community and participate in activities that include job exploration, life skills practice and social skills practice as well! These skills are very important for my students as they are beginning to transition into adulthood!”

Melissa Sanders: “I would use the money to purchase Legos (or similar name brand) to implement during math stations for engaging, hands on learning for area and perimeter, measurement and geometry.  These manipulatives would also provide for engaging indoor recess time for students to build and design items of their choice.”

Kelly Sloan: “I teach 9th -to 12th-grade students with a variety of intellectual, physical, and sensory impairments. I teach self-contained Language Arts and a Transition Program. My students are focusing their time in school on preparing for life after high school; that looks different for every student. Harsh lighting is known to adversely affect a child’s attention, behavior, and learning capability in a classroom. Bright lights are known to cause anxiety, headaches, hyperactivity, and eye strain. Overhead light covers offer an easy solution. The magnetic covers attach directly to the lights to block the harsh rays. When my students walk into my classroom I want them to feel a sense of calmness and be eager to learn. These light covers will help my students not be distracted by the bright lights and while learning in a calming environment they need. The light covers requested in this project would help me to soften the harshness of the lights in the classroom. It would help me to continue to make my classroom a safe and calm environment for all my students- several of whom have educational, emotional, and focus struggles.”

Congratulations again, Natalie, Melissa, and Kelly! You can apply here for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant!