MSTF Announces Grant Awardees

MSTF Board of Directors announced the awardees of the grants. Brenna Staats, Mt. Vernon School District, was awarded a $1,000 grant for her project “What I Need (WIN).” Christy Lockard, Sheldon R-VII School District, was also awarded a $1,000 grant for her project “Dave Ramsey Foundations Curriculum.” In April of 2015 the Board also awarded the Kent King Scholarships to S-MSTA members across the state. The scholarship awardees were Sara Meskis (University of Missouri Columbia), Anna Pageler (Evangel), Rhianon Brown (Drury Unversity), and Krista Crockett (College of the Ozarks). Each member will receive a $500 check to use as needed to offset the cost of living during the student teaching semester.

MSTF Supports Prairie Home After Storm Damage

The MSTF Board of Directors issued monies from the HOPE fund to the Prairie Home school district following storm damage to the school. The Board also discussed ideas on how to begin a donor-matching program so that MSTA members can donate items that need to be replaced due to damage. The Board discussed plans on creating an online application of need to make the application and approval of funds easier and faster to distribute.

MSTF Board of Directors Restructured

The MSTA Board of Directors revised the structure of the Missouri State Teachers Foundation and the new Board met in February. The new MSTF Board of Directors will be comprised of 2-3 MSTA Board of Director members, 3-4 MSTA at-large members, and 1-2 non-education business members. Currently there are five Board members, including the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. During the first meeting, the new Board focused on what the purpose of the Foundation would be and how a new mission statement would reflect that focus. At the most recent meetings, it was determined that the MSTF Board would like to focus on literacy.

The MSTF Board of Directors has also made changes to the grant and scholarship application with the hope that the deadlines are timelier for members and that the application process is clearer. Both applications are available on the website, and the Kent King Scholarhship application will also be available on the S-MSTA website. The Board also plans on having online applications available in the future.